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Reprotec is your answer


Reprotec Fertility Center is located in Bogota, in the Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá (Av. 9 No. 116-20 Piso 4), and in Pereira in Edificio Megacentro Pinares (Cr. 18 No. 12-75 Torre 2 piso 12).


We offer timely services with warmth and efficiency aiming to insure the satisfaction of our patients and the safety and protection of our providers and collaborators. Our competent human talent insures the continuous improvement of our care and processes.

Our infrastructure is modern and fitted to the highest quality standards. We have ample and comfortable spaces for the well being of our patients.


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Mi esposo y yo estamos eternamente agradecidos a ti y al staff de Reprotec por vuestros cuidados, cariño, profesionalismo, y dedicación que han hecho este milagro posible. Gracias!


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