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Intrauterine insemination

Treatment by which a sample of the best spermatozoa is applied directly in the uterus in order to produce a natural fecundation.


The intrauterine insemination is a proceeding whereby the ovulation is induced and in the ideal moment is deposited a spermatozoa sample, previously selected and capacitated in the Andrology Laboratory, in the uterus with a special catheter.
This technique is used in the following cases:

  • Women without couple
  • Unknown origin infertility
  • Minimal and level endometriosis
  • Minimal alterations of the spermatozoa

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Step by Step the intrauterine insemination

1. Ovarian Stimulation:
The beginning of the menstrual cycle is anticipated to begin the ovarian stimulation with oral or injected medication.
2. Ovulation Production:
By ultrasounds monitoring, is determined the size and number of follicles in the development for the application of the injection that produces the ovulation (hCG)
3. Sperm sample retrieval:
36 hours later, is scheduled the couple for a sperm sample retrieval. If is a donor, is solicited to a Sperm Bank (These samples are from donors that pass through strict and complete medical examinations).
4. Selection of Spermatozoa:
The best spermatozoa are chosen based on their mobility and morphology.
5. Intrauterine insemination:
Using a catheter, the spermatozoa are deposited through the cervix, up to the uterine cavity.

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