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Fertility Preservation

This technique provides the possibility of prolonging fertility, by freezing of both ova or spermatozoa, to be used in the future.


With the use of a painless proceeding of intravaginal aspiration, the specialists stimulate the woman reproductive system rising the production of healthy and mature ova, which will be frozen and used when the woman decides to.
As scientific leaders, our inversion is constant to be at the avant-garde of reproductive medicine. In this way, we have stored ova for years, and we keep them frozen with success, without any kind of problem.

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The preservation of the fertility is the perfect opportunity to plan ahead a pregnancy.

Preservation of Fertility in Medical Cases.

There are different techniques used to preserve the reproductive potential of the patients that are going to receive chemotherapy or radiology treatments, in other words, that are going to compromise their capability of their ovaries or testicles to produce ova or spermatozoa.
We have the advantage to be the fertility center of the best Health Institute of the Country, Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá, that just received the recertification by the Joint Commission International in all their processes, this includes their oncology and fertility departments, both centers working in conjunction to provide an optimal treatment to cancer patients.


Preservation of the fertility to postpone maternity

You are not prepared to form a family yet, either for work or sentimental reasons? You can postpone your maternity with the use of frozen ova.
This modern and innovative technique brings the possibility of having children in a certain moment of life without the necessity of thinking of the age. In this manner, a women of 35 years can unfreeze their ova, and fulfill their life project, having a family.

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