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Ovulation Induction

Through the use of medications, ovulation induction is performed in patients with difficulties in it. During the cycle, ultrasound monitoring is performed


The induction of ovulation is a treatment designed to stimulate the ovarian with the use of medication, with the objective of complete all the ovulatory process for an optimal maturation of one or several ova.

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This treatment is routed with two purposes:

Women with ovulatory disorder

The induction of ovulation can be used to remedy ovulatory disorders in the woman, to achieve a predictable ovulation and in this way achieve the goal of pregnancy, from aimed relations, or by the Intrauterine insemination technique.

Women with normal ovulation

In women with regular, normal and predictable ovulation, is required techniques like In Vitro Fertilization and their different versions. In this way, is sought to overstimulate their ovaries with protocols known as superovulation to gain a higher number of oocytes.

There are different types of medication that can be used to the induction of ovulation and that can be provided in tablets (like Clomiphene Citrate or Letrozole) and injections (like Gonadotropin).

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