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Highly effective lab technique used to flash freeze eggs, sperm and embryos, to be stored and used in subsequent cycles.


The freezing and vitirification technique is a fundamental part of assisted reproduction since it allows to preserve, or better said cryopreserve, eggs, sperm and embryos of the best quality.
This way, in our Fertility Laboratory, an extremely quick cooling of these tissues down to -190 degrees Celsius takes place by submerging them in liquid nitrogen to completely cut off metabolic cellular activity, without letting crystals form.

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Cryopreservation of Eggs and Sperm

One of the uses of this laboratory technique is the preservation of fertility, ideal for patients who see the health of their eggs and sperm compromized. For example, women who want to postpone their maternity or who have a risk of diminished function of their ovaries. Cancer patients who must be submitted to chemo or radiotherapy and those who require a bone marrow transplant or ovary surgery.
Cryopreserved eggs can be unfrozen and fertilized in the lab. Once the embryos are formed, they are transferred to the uterus for implantation.

Cryopreservation of Embryos

This special technology allows vitrified embryos to have exactly the same success rates as treatments with fresh embryos. Without the need to go over the process of ovary stimulation and fertilization again, couples have a great opportunity to make their dream of becoming parents come true.
There have been constant advances in this technique over the past 10 years, given that it allows for a new treatment cycle with expenses 4 or 5 times lower than the initial treatment, with exactly the same success rates.

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