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The 40% of the infertility causes for couples is largely due to the masculine factor. These problems are commonly related to deficiencies with the sperm. There are various causes that affect the quality of these, between which are the following: Varicocele, Infections, ejaculation process, tumors, (chemo and radiotherapy), genetic causes or previous cruise, over exposition to industrial chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, high temperatures, lifestyle (illegal drug consume, tobacco, stress and obesity).

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In this manner, by the seminogram, we can observe and evaluate the quantity, the mobility and the form (morphology) of the spermatozoa. Additionally, there are other tests that can be performed depending upon the requirements of each patient according to their backgrounds like: measurement of the hormone in the blood, including testosterone and Follicle-stimulating Hormone; we assess the testicle biopsy via a needle that will extract sperm from the testicle; we assess the integrity of the spermatozoon’s DNA since in some occasions it can be identified some chromosomic abnormalities.
In the handling of the sperm sample is sought to resemble what happens in the natural conception, utilizing techniques that allow to clean the sperm sample of substances that inhibit their fecundation capability, and thus separate and select the spermatozoon of higher quality. In addition, we ensure that the chosen spermatozoa for fertilization of the ovum have the higher potential of fecundation, fulfilling the ideal characteristics of fecundation.
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