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Pathology and Clinic Tests

Clinic and Pathology Tests are performed in order to measure hormonal levels and for the detection of infectious diseases.

Clinic and Pathology Tests

In Reprotec, we have a competent nursing team, qualified and trained to guarantee an excellent performance in the pathology and clinic tests. To provide an opportunity in the attention, we have a strategic alliance with Exámenes y Diagnósticos, a specialized clinic laboratory, which allows us to deliver to our patients their results in the shortest time.

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The main pathology and clinic test we perform are:

Anti-Müllerian Hormone

Test that allows assessing your ovarian reserve.

Infectious Diseases

HIV antibodies, Hepatitis B, Surface Antigen, Hepatitis C, Antibodies, Serology

Hormonal Profile

Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone TSH, Luteinizing Hormone LH, Follicle-stimulating Hormone FSH, Oestradiol, Progesterone.

               Results delivered the same day of application

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