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Diagnostic Images

We put at your disposal an avant-garde team to obtain a more detailed assessment of the causes of feminine infertility through diagnostic images.


As part of a timely diagnostic, we offer to women a detailed assessment and observation of diagnostic images to determinate anomalies that are impeding a pregnancy. For that, we have an avant-garde team that favors the precision and confidence in the given diagnostics to our patients.

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A timely diagnostic can make the difference to achieve your dream to become a parent.

Transvaginal ultrasound

By the Transvaginal ultrasound, we can make a very careful evaluation step by step of the development of the ovarian follicle in the women in a way we can determinate in a very precise manner when is mature to produce ovulation. Also, we can evaluate the development of the endometrium through the menstrual cycle and see when is in optimal conditions for the pregnancy


Is an ultrasound technique also known as saline infusion sonography, that provides images of the interior of the uterus, in a non-invasive way. From this, the specialized physician resorts to the Sonohysterography when it cannot see adequately uterus pathologies using the transvaginal ultrasound, for example, polyps or fibroids.
Through an injection of a small quantity of a sterile saline solution inside the uterus cavity, it can be studied the coating itself, using the transductor for the ultrasound, which allows getting a clear vision of the tissues that are not seen with accuracy in the X-Ray images.

This test does not require special preparation and is become an essential technique to diagnosis the possible cause of feminine infertility.

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