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PGS Technology

This technique, besides to known the gender of the baby, we can diagnose with high precision different genetic diseases both chromosomic and gene level


The most important advance in reproduction treatments in the last 15 years, through this technique, it is possible to increase the chance of a pregnancy and decrease the possibilities of a miscarriage, which in turn increases the possibilities of having a healthy baby at home

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This is a strong genetic test that is performed to the embryos during the In Vitro Fertilization treatment in order to detect anomalies in the chromosomic numbers. In this way, a small biopsy is performed on the embryo before the transference in order to identify which embryos are chromosomally normal, resulting in higher possibilities of a good development and having a healthy baby at home.
This technique helps our specialist physician decide which embryo transfer, in addition, it allows the patient to know the gender of the baby.

In a study performed in our clinic, the possibility of pregnancy raised from 56% to 67% by means of this technique. In women of 40 years or older, the possibility of an abortion surpasses the 40%, this means 4 of 10 pregnancies are lost. Thanks to this technique, the possibilities of a miscarriage are reduced to approximately 5%.


Under 35
  • With PGS 5% 5%
  • Without PGS 11% 11%
35 – 37
  • With PGS 13% 13%
  • Without PGS 17% 17%
38 – 40
  • Con PGS 9% 9%
  • Sin PGS 26% 26%
41 a 42 Años
  • With PGS 4% 4%
  • Without PGS 37% 37%


Under 35
  • With PGS 54% 54%
  • Without PGS 35% 35%
35 – 37
  • With PGS 50% 50%
  • Without PGS 27% 27%
38 a 40 Años
  • Con PGS 50% 50%
  • Sin PGS 18% 18%
38 – 40
  • With PGS 45% 45%
  • Without PGS 10% 10%

Did you know….

  • Thanks to this technology, in Reprotec we perform this technique on a routine basis.
  • To perform this technique an embryo developed up to the fifth day is required. Most fertility centers in Colombia only develop embryo up to the third day.
  • A special laser is required for the adequate sample of the biopsy, which is not available in most fertility centers, due to its high cost.

For all these reasons we are your best option to fulfill your dreams of being a parent!

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