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May 2020 come full of love, magic, resolutions and fulfilled dreams!

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Science and responsibility at the service of thousands of couple who want to make their dream of being parents come true.

With over 20 years of experience as scientific leaders in assisted reproduction in Colombia, we are committed to the satisfaction of our patients, offering a high quality standard and human and warm service. Our team is formed by experienced specialists, a competent and qualified team and the latest technology to guarantee our quality and our patients’ safety. Our results have been consistently proving that we are the best choice to make your dream of becoming parents come true.

Our Specialists

Our doctors are specialists in the fields of OBGGYN and subspecialists in reproductive medicine from prestigious schools in Europe, Canada and the United States.

Our Technology

As scientific leaders our constant investment in technology allows us to stand at the avant-garde of reproductive medicine. Our modern equipment and novelty techniques have been proven by our specialists and researchers.

Our Support

We make it our goal to make our patients feel like part of the family. Our support is warm, delicate and honest. Our support team in Reprotec is available for our patients throughout the whole process to becomng parents.



Single Pregnancy Rate


FIV/ICSI Success Rate


Success Rate With Egg Donation

Healthy babies at home over the past 5 years

Find out step by step how fertility treatments work!


With over 20 years as leaders in Fertility Medicine, we are the best choice for making your dream of becoming parents come true.

We have a comitment to our patients satifaction and have been delivering high quality services for over 20 years.
Everything you need to know about fertility treatments, processes, medical terminology and answers to frequently asked questions about fertility and Reprotec.
We offer special benefits for couples who come from abroad and want to have their fertility treatment at Reprotec Fertility Center.
You are part of our team from the moment of your first consultation. We ant to answer your questions and work together to make the miracle of life a reality.
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