Treatment options

Each of our treatment options offer you a realistic opportunity of achieving a successful pregnancy. REPROTEC Fertility Center is an inclusive institution that offers empathic care to all patients: single parents, non-binary couples, transgender and gender diverse persons.

Treatment options

Each of our treatment options offer you a realistic opportunity of achieving a successful pregnancy. REPROTEC Fertility Center is an inclusive institution that offers empathic care to all patients: single parents, non-binary couples, transgender and gender diverse persons.


REPROTEC has a very strong fertility preservation program. With new developments in freezing techniques, we can safely preserve oocytes, embryos and sperm for indefinite periods of time. This certainly offer terrific opportunities to patients who want to postpone their desire to become parents for diverse reasons. Patients who have malignant conditions like cancer can save their eggs or sperms cryopreserved before starting effective treatments for their diseases that can affect ovarian and testicular function. This program also open fantastic opportunities for women and men who, being healthy, want to postpone their fertility desire for personal, job related, academic or emotional reasons.

Ovulation induction

This is usually reserved for patients who have different ovulation anomalies during their menstrual cycles. Ovulation can be restored with different treatments like lifestyle modifications, oral and injected medications to promote ovulation. During this process, we monitor ovulation with periodic transvaginal pelvic ultrasounds to advice when to have timed sexual intercourse or an intrauterine insemination.

insemination (IUI)

This technique also known as artificial insemination, entails the use of medications to induce the ovulation of one or two eggs and, at the appropriate time, introduce the best sperms selected in the lab into the uterus using a very thin and soft catheter. This technique has several indications that go from healthy women with patent fallopian tubes who want insemination with donor sperm, to women diagnosed with minimal endometriosis, or men who have mild abnormalities in their semen parameters.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Even though it is the most widely known assisted reproductive treatment, it is not always indicated as first line treatment in all cases. Most of the time it is used for the treatment of infertile women with blocked fallopian tubes, severe or advanced endometriosis, advanced reproductive age, ovulatory disorders like polycystic ovary syndrome, in which other treatment options have failed, as well as in cases of premature ovarian insufficiency.
In infertile men it is mostly used in cases of severe alterations in the number, motility or morphology of the sperms, and a history of previous vasectomy.
It is also frequently used in single women, same sex couples, and in cases of unexplained infertility where no obvious cause of infertility is identified during the diagnostic investigation.

IVF is the union of the egg and the sperm outside of the woman’s body, but in the embryology laboratory under special culture conditions that include specialized culture media and controlled temperature, CO2, nitrogen and oxygen concentrations.
Once fertilization occurs, the embryo development is closely monitored until it reaches the stage to be transferred into the uterus. At REPROTEC Fertility Center we offer the most advanced techniques of embryo culture and development with embryoscopes that provide real time monitoring with serial photography and timelapse videos, that allow us to detect abnormal embryos and select the best embryos to increase your chances of a successful pregnancy. We are the only center in Colombia and one of the few in Latin America that offer this timelapse technology.

IVF entails the use of well monitored and individualized superovulation protocols to stimulate the production of a sufficient egg number and quality, that are aspirated from the ovaries under sedation using transvaginal ultrasound to then be fertilized in the laboratory.

Sperm Injection (ICSI)

ICSI is a technique in which a single sperm is injected directly into a mature egg at the embryology laboratory under magnification with an inverted microscope, with the use of a micromanipulator with very fine and sharp micropipettes.

ICSI is mostly used for cases with severe abnormalities in the semen parameters found in more than one third of couples with infertility, including concentration, motility and morphology of the sperm.

Oocyte / Egg Donation

Utilizing an egg donor to achieve a successful pregnancy is a terrific option for many couples, including women with exhausted number of eggs in their ovaries for diverse reasons: either related to advanced reproductive age, or previous surgical or medical treatments that have diminished the egg pool or egg quality. Egg donation is also utilized in women who have genetic diseases that per se decrease the number of eggs in their ovaries, or are carriers of genetic conditions that do not want to inherit to future generations. It also can be offered to couples who have repeatedly failed previous attempts of IVF with their own eggs

This highly effective assisted reproductive technique comprises the selection of a suitable healthy young egg donor who undergoes a very strict selection process that entails detailed medical, gynecological, genetic, laboratory and psychiatric evaluations. Once the donor passes all these exams, she undergoes a cycle of ovarian stimulation to get a sufficient number of eggs at the time of egg retrieval. These are fertilized in the laboratory with the couple’s sperm. Embryo development continues the same way as in a regular IVF cycle. From the embryos obtained, one is subsequently transferred to the uterus of the intended mother that has been previously prepared with estrogen and progesterone, or in many cases with her own natural cycle.

REPROTEC has a very robust egg donation program that follows rigorously all protocols to comply with best international standards.

At REPROTEC you also find an embryo donation program for selected couples who must meet all and everyone of the requirements for this program.

Frozen embryo
transfer (FET)

REPROTEC has a very solid gamete and embryo cryopreservation program. This is very important not only for fertility preservation programs as mentioned previously, but for couples with surplus number of embryos in an IVF cycle that want to use them in the future.

Same sex female
couples (SSFC)

Assisted reproduction treatments for SSFC is a very fulfilling option for female couples who desire to build up a family. One of the most frequent modalities is when one of them undergoes ovarian stimulation to obtain the eggs, which are fertilized in the laboratory with a donor’s sperm. Once the embryos are ready, one of them is transferred to the other woman member of the couple whose uterus has been previously prepared to receive and implant the embryo to carry the pregnancy to term.

Uterine surrogacy

REPROTEC has an extensive experience in uterine surrogacy since it was one of the first fertility centers in Colombia to carry out this highly effective assisted reproductive technique.

There are different indications to carry out this treatment. Among the most frequent are women with congenital absence of the uterus, patients who have undergone through a previous hysterectomy or have congenital and acquired uterine diseases that impede embryo implantation and pregnancy progression. It is also offered to women with medical conditions in which pregnancy is contraindicated due to compromise of her own health or the baby´s.

Likewise, it is a very effective treatment to same sex male couples and single men who want to build a family. REPROTEC is an inclusive space where the very strong and successful uterine surrogacy program is offered in all these situations.

This treatment is carried out in a very solid manner in order to guarantee transparency and effectiveness throughout the process. This includes the evaluation of the woman indented to be the gestational carrier, as well as the legal and psychological counseling requirements for both, the couple and the gestational carrier.

Maternidad subrogada