Patients' rights and duties

All our patients
have the right to:

To receive timely medical care in a safe environment with high quality standards.

To count with their privacy throughout the process, with the protection of their data, and with the confidentiality of their medical history, except for your explicit authorization for it to be transferred and known by others, according to Colombian regulations.

To receive education on essential aspects for the understanding of their diagnosis and treatment.

To receive information in understandable and clear language about all aspects of their diagnosis and treatment alternatives, including procedures, likelihood of success, costs and risks.

To decide on their participation in medical studies and/or research, understanding the objectives, methods, possible benefits and risks, and being able to withdraw voluntarily at any time.

To receive a warm, dignified and humane treatment regardless of their beliefs, customs, ideology, origin, economic condition or educational level.

To make informed decisions about their treatment based on the information provided by the institution's specialists.

To request professional information from the specialists and choose which of them they prefer to be treated by.

To request accompaniment for the reading and signing of contracts and medical consents.

To submit claims, suggestions or complaints, and receive a formal and timely response from the institution.

All our patients
have the duty to:

To correctly submit their personal data and that of their partner (if applicable), and provide reliable information about their health status and medical history.

To adequately comply with the medical indications given by the specialists and the assistance personnel for the proper development of their treatment.

To assume the responsibility for non-compliance with medical indications and/or administrative commitments.

To report symptoms or changes in health status to specialists or health care personnel.

To treat respectfully all personnel who provide a service throughout their process, as well as other patients and their companions.

To comply with the schedules assigned for appointments and procedures, and to inform in advance in case of inability to attend.

To comply responsibly with the administrative commitments derived from the performance of their treatment, such as the signing of contracts and medical consents, and the payment of services provided.

To inform the institution in a timely manner of any adverse reaction that occurs during treatment, whether due to the use of medication, or before/after a procedure.

To use the channels provided by the institution to request information or to express their claims, suggestions, complaints or compliments.

To make proper use of the facilities.