We provide the magic combination of science and technology with a human compassionate service that puts us at the vanguard of the Reproductive Medicine world


We provide the magic combination of science and technology with a human compassionate service that puts us at the vanguard of the Reproductive Medicine world.

Your wellbeing first

A fertility treatment entails a great emotional, physical, financial and time effort. This is why it is so important to choose the right center to alleviate all this pressure. Many questions, fears and doubts may arise through your treatment, and you should feel that the center you have chosen is willing to solve all these issues.
Here are some of the aspects to take into consideration in the decision making process:

Personalized and compassionate service

Personalized, human and compassionate care is our number one priority in our patient´s experience, to accomplish the dream to build up a family. You should always feel that you are heard, that your questions are solved and that you are provided with all the information necessary to carry on with your treatment

Honesty and responsibility:

We are committed to have a constant and honest dialogue with our patients. One of our main goals is to provide transparent information from the first consultation to each individual couple about their diagnosis, prognosis and chances of success with the proposed treatment action. At all levels we support your well informed decisions. It is also very important to emphasize that your safety is an absolute non-negotiable to our team.

30 years of experience

Over the past three decades, Reprotec has treated thousands of patients and trained a handful of professionals in reproductive medicine, becoming part of the history of families that once thought it wouldn´t be possible. Since 1994, our clinic has been in a path of learning and growth, always improving not only from the scientific and technological point of view, but also from the human wellbeing side. Our results (pregnancy rates) and the satisfaction of our patients, prove the high international quality standards we have been able to reach, being today the only fertility center in Colombia with Icontec ISO9001 Quality Certification.

Success rates

Every fertility center has its individual characteristics and protocols, that translate directly into their results. You should trust only those centers that publish verifiable and audited success rates. We are the only fertility center in Colombia that, for more than 15 years, has been certifying success rates through Icontec ISO 9001 Quality Certification.

We have the best statistics in the region.

Our pregnancy rates are higher than the SART average (Society for Assisted Reproduction in America).


Red Lara


Red Lara
Tasas de éxito

Laboratories with
“state of the art” technology

It is of prime importance to choose a fertility center where you and your couple not only have a group of professionals that provide a safe and careful experience, but also use the current and most sophisticated technology at the different stages of your treatment: from doctor´s offices, to nursing care, andrology, embryology and cryobiology laboratories as well as pharmacies. A good fertility center must have laboratories with cutting edge technology including laboratories infrastructure and environment to provide you the best opportunity to have your gametes and embryos develop in the most adequate conditions. At Reprotec you can have access to all these advantages in every of our for facilities located in Bogotá, Cartagena, Pereira and Cali. All of these factors will assure safety throughout your treatment, and will impact positively your results.
Equipo multidisciplinario


Your level of trust in a fertility center by all means start by getting to know the multidisciplinary group of professionals that will take care of you. It is very important to inquire about the type of training and level of experience of the group in different areas: doctors, biologists, nurses, psychologists, counselors, etc. We clearly understand that our patients need a team that supports their needs at all times throughout every step of their treatment. This is precisely the reason why we put all our efforts to have a group of professionals that accompany you with a compassionate and gentle approach through the journey to become parents. That is why we proudly say: “We are the best option to guide you and make it possible”
Iso 9001

Quality assurance
and certifications

Reprotec is the only fertility center in Colombia with Icontec ISO 9001 Quality Certification. This proves that all of our activities are carried out under certified, verifiable, strict and rigorous criteria to guarantee that our knowledge and use of technology have a level of excellence that benefits our patients.