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Our History

Reprotec Fertility Center is born from the union of knowledge in human reproduction and technology.


In the early 90’s the need to create a center to promote complete fertility services of the highest quality came about. Thanks to our trajectory, nowadays Reprotec Fertility Center is a national and international point of reference, both in the scientific community and with couples who want to become parents.





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Thanks to great team work and our commitment to our patients., we renewed our ICONTEC ISO 9001:2008 certification in our quality management system.



Pioneers in the use of Time Lapse in Latin America, Incubator that allows to perform, via sequential images, a non-invasive evaluation of embryonic development.
Acquiring Witness technology, allows us to guarantee the highest standards in safety and transparency in our treatments.
As scientific leaders our investment is a constant to maintain our forward position in the technological avant-garde of reproductive medicine.



Committed to our patents, we achieved the ICONTEC ISO 9001:2008 certification,that helps us guarantee the excellence in the treatments provided in our center.


Consolidation of the alliance, establishing Reprotec as the fertility center of the Department of gynaecology, obstetrics and human reproduction of the Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá




Reprotec Fertility Center is born, as the best option to help couples make their dream of becoming parents come true, from the union of knowledge in human reproduction and technology.



Multiple meetings take place, usually after long work days, in which all the details were discussed in order to set up the best fertility center in Colombia, and certainly one of the best in Latin America. In this manner, all the protocols for each technique and treatment were determined and the best equipments to be acquired in order to provide the best care available.


Three friends from Medical School at Universidad del Rosario: Doctors Eduardo Castro Valderrama, Andrés Gutiérrez Aparicio and Ricardo Rueda Sáenz, after finishing their specialization in gynaecology and obstetrics and becoming subspecialists in reproductive health in prestigious institutions,  saw the need to create a center providing high technology fertility services with a highly qualified team, trained in the best centers in North America and Europe.

Today, Reprotec has the satisfaction of having helped to create life and bring to the world hundreds of healthy babies.
Our goal has always been excellence and the highest quality services, unconditional support to out patients not only in the technical area but on a human level for the duration of their treatment.

Mi esposo y yo estamos eternamente agradecidos a ti y al staff de Reprotec por vuestros cuidados, cariño, profesionalismo, y dedicación que han hecho este milagro posible. Gracias!


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