Our History

This year we celebrate 30 years of leading the reproductive medicine sector in Colombia.

Our History

This year we celebrate 30 years of leading the reproductive medicine sector in Colombia.

We have come a long way in learning and innovation,
achieving significant progress for your well-being.


REPROTEC opens its doors in April 4, 1994 as the original reproductive, endocrinology and infertility clinic with diagnostic capabilities, at the ambulatory medical center of Los Andes Medical Association in Bogotá, Colombia.

Time Line 1997

REPROTEC opens its assisted reproductive technology program with its own embryology and andrology laboratories, giving the opportunity to couples to have all their treatments on site.

Time Line 2005

During this year REPROTEC adopts new managerial and administration tools to become a 100% patient service centered fertility clinic.


At this time, REOROTEC becomes the first fertility center in Colombia in obtaining the quality assurance certification from Icontec ISO 9001.


REPROTEC consolidates as the leader fertility brand in Colombia with exceptional clinical results, derived from innovative technology and standardized laboratory protocols, as well as for the programs of continuous education and training of the embryology, medical, nursing and administrative team.

Time Line 2016

REPROTEC was a pioneer in the acquisition of the Witness System which is a British technology that monitors and controls the trackability of every patient’s biological material in the laboratories, to guarantee them all the safety of our processes.

Time Line 2017

REPROTEC consolidates the Oocyte Donation Program that started back in 2013 as part of the Fertility Preservation program. During 2017, through a solid cryobiology laboratory, the Vitrified Egg Donor Program was created.

Time Line 2018

REPROTEC obtains a new Icontec Certification that meets all the requirements of the patient security standards, to assure best sanitary and safety practices during all patient’s treatments.

Time Line 2019

REPROTEC opens a new fertility clinic in the city of Pereira, at the heart of the coffee growing region of western Colombia. In this center we replicate all clinical and laboratory protocols of our original clinic in Bogotá.


REPROTEC designs its own safety model during the COVID-19 pandemics adhering to all international and WHO recommendations to assure a COVID free environment for patients and clinic personnel. During 2020 we also implemented our TELEMEDICINE program that is very useful for both international and Colombian patients who live abroad.


REPROTEC pioneers in Colombia the first timelapse ESCO Rembryo development (morpho kinetics) monitoring system.


REPROTEC expands its timelapse morpho kinetics program with the acquisition of the new EmryoScope+ - Vitrolife R system for its clinics.


Again, replicating the success of the clinics in Bogota and Pereira, REPROTEC opens two new “state of the art” fertility clinics. One in the magnificent historic city of Cartagena- Serena del Mar in the caribean coast of Colombia, and the other in the charming international city of Cali, serving the western region of the country as well as the pacific coast.


REPROTEC celebrates its 30 th Anniversary of a very fulfilling private and academic trajectory. During these three decades we have served thousands of infertile couples from Colombia and abroad. At the same time, we can proudly say that REPROTEC has trained with highest educational standards plenty new generations of embryologists, physicians and nurses in Reproductive Medicine.